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Latest News & Public Events

[Feb 28 2020] International Workshop on Indigenous Manufacturing in Africa

[Feb 4 2020] The 96th KUASS “African Studies in China: Past, Present and Future”

[Jan 31 2020] Memorial Symposium for MOU between University of Florida and Kyoto University “Sustainable and Wise Use of Forest Plants in African and Asian Tropics”

[Dec 21 2019] “International Workshop for Young Africanists”

[Dec 17 2019] The 95th KUASS / The 3rd Japan-Ethiopia Joint Lecture “Indigenous Knowledge in Modern Education Policy Discourse in Ethiopia: Lessons from Japan”

[Dec 3 2019] New Release of African Study Monographs, Vol.40 No.2&3

[Nov 19 2019] The 94th KUASS / The 12th KU - TUFS Research Exchange Seminar “Consequences of Land Tenure Reform in Africa”

[Nov 12 2019] The 93rd KUASS “Use of Forest Resources for Sustainable Development: Cases of Cameroon”

[Oct 25 2019] The 92nd KUASS “Resource Governance through a Hybrid Institution in Mfuto village Momba District, Tanzania”

[Oct 8 2019] The 91st KUASS “Funeral Rites in Cameroon”

[Sep 20 2019] New Release of African Study Monographs, Supplementary Issue Vol. 58

[Jul 30 2019] New Release of African Study Monographs, Vol.40 No.1

[Deadline: 2 Sep 2019] Call for Applications: 10th African Studies Publication Program

[Jul 25 2019] The 90th KUASS “Livelihoods in Balance? Resilience Contestations in a Delicate Montane Socio-Ecology in Eastern Uganda”

[Jun 26 2019] 15th Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture “Ecological Anthropology of the Foundation of the Ethiopian Highlands Civilization”

[Jun 27 2019] The 89th KUASS / The 1st Japan-Ethiopia Joint Lecture “Do wage employment and self-employment have differential empowerment impact on rural women in Africa? Empirical evidence from Central Ethiopia”

[Jun 13 2019] The 11th TUFS - KU Research Exchange Seminar “Employment and Empowerment in the Rural Central Ethiopian Context: How does women’s income earning impact on their agency?”

[May 27 2019] Luncheon Seminar / The 5th Seminar on Gender Issues in Academia “Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions: A Reflection from a Gender Perspective”

[May 20 2019] The 88th KUASS / The 10th KU - TUFS Research Exchange Seminar “Significance, and Institutional Support to Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Africa: Evidence from Zambia”

[May 7 2019] The 87th KUASS “Researching Power and Identity in African State Formation: Retrospect and Prospect”

[Mar 11 2019] New Release of African Study Monographs, Vol.39 No.4

[Jan 27 2019] International Symposium on “African Potentials and the Future of Humanity”

[Jan 24 2019] The 9th TUFS - KU Research Exchange Seminar “A System of Knowledge in Action: The Logical Process and Cognitive Interpretation of Zulu Divination”

[Jan 18 2019] Activity Report: “The 1st Japan-Korea Joint Seminar for African Area Studies”

[Dec 18 2018] The 86th KUASS / The 8th KU - TUFS Research Exchange Seminar “Conjunctural State Autonomy and Policy Change in South Africa, 1994‐2014”

[Dec 17 2018] Extramural Special Seminar “Asia-Africa relations: the way Korean and African cultures encounter”

[Nov 22 2018] The 85th KUASS / The 7th KU - TUFS Research Exchange Seminar “Ethnic film in South Africa: history, meaning and change”

[Nov 13 2018] The 84th KUASS (Kyoto University African Studies Seminar) “Unlocking institutional constraints for increasing production of Tanzanian coffee: constraints and opportunities for the coffee sector”

[Oct 29 2018] Special Lecture by Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia / The 83rd KUASS “Recent Developments in Ethiopia’s Political and Economic Situation”

[Oct 4 2018] New Release of African Study Monographs, Vol.39 No.3

[Oct 1 2018] The 82nd KUASS “The thought of the universal and the rarity of emancipatory dialectical thought: some African examples”

[Jul 31 2018] New Release of African Study Monographs, Supplementary Issue Vol. 57

[Deadline: 3 Sep 2018] Call for Applications: 9th African Studies Publication Program

[Jul 2018] Call for Papers: African Study Monographs

[Jul 17 2018] The 81st KUASS “Lifelong learning and sustainable development: play, music & dance- to work transition in contemporary San communities Africa”

[Jul 10 2018] The 80th KUASS “Traditional Beekeeping in the Adamaoua Region of Cameroon” — Presentation & Film Screening —

[Jul 9 2018] The 79th KUASS / The 6th KU - TUFS Research Exchange Seminar “Land Restitution in South Africa: The Post-settlement Dynamics and the Re-opening of Land Claim”

[Jun 29 2018] The 78th KUASS ‘A Whore Might be Relieved but not I’: Insanity and the Moral and Political Economy of German South West Africa

[Jun 15 2018] The 77th KUASS “Human dimensions of wildlife and the future of wildlife dependent livelihoods in the 21st century”

[Jun 11 2018] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 39 No. 2

[Apr 24 2018] National Geographic Grants Seminar

[Apr 20 2018] The 5th TUFS - KU Seminar “South Korea-Africa Encounters via Culture and Arts: The Case of Seoul Africa Festival”

[Mar 2018] New Release of African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue Vol. 54 - 56

[Mar 2018] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 38 No. 1

[Mar 5 2018] The 76th KUASS “Framing Future Africa: A report on new collaborative research in the programme Future rural Africa: future-making and social-ecological transformation

[Feb 26 2018] The 75th KUASS “Situating Coffee Tourism in Ethiopia”

[Feb 19 2018] The 74th KUASS / The 10th Seminar of Reconstructing the Paradigm of African Area Studies “The Comparative Political Economy of Industrialization in Tanzania and Vietnam”

[Dec 8 2017] The 73rd KUASS / The 9th Seminar of Reconstructing the Paradigm of African Area Studies “Violence and Governance in Guerrilla War”

[Dec 15 2017] The 72nd KUASS / The 4th KU-TUFS Seminar “Cocoa agroforest management and REDD+ dynamics in Cameroon”

[Dec 1-3 2017] France-Japan Area Studies Forum “New Spatiality on Asian and African Area Studies”, “Voices for the Future: African Area Studies in a Globalizing World”

[Oct 26 2017] The 71st KUASS “Quest for citizenship in their own country: case study of Cameroon’s migrants”

[Oct 13 2017] The 70th KUASS “Re-examining Elections, the African Experience”

[June 30 2017] Special Lecture by Ambassador of Ethiopia (The 69th KUASS)

[June 16 2017] Call for applications: African studies seminars in Africa

[June 8 2017] The 1st TUFS - Kyoto U African Studies Seminar “Fighting food insecurity in the Gamo Highlands of Ethiopia: Agricultural intervention modalities and smallholders’ determination to craft experience-based solutions.”

[May 26 2017] The 8th Kyoto University African Studies Publication Program

[May 26 2017] 68th KUASS “Reconsidering area studies in Africa: The Ethiopian experience”, “Smallholders responses to food insecurity: The case of the Gamo Highlands, Southern Ethiopia”

[April 20 2017] 67th KUASS "Salt in northern Ethiopia in its socio-cultural context: What the use of salt bars as money tells us about economic culture and values of the traditional society "

[April 3 2017] 66th KUASS "Beyond the rural-urban divide: Patterns of translocality in postcolonial Namibia"

[March 8 2017] 65th KUASS "Improving Native Livestock Production in Ghana for Livelihood Enhancement and Wildlife Conservation"

[February 17 2017] 64th KUASS "Biosciences eastern and central Africa (BecA): Responding to the demand for agricultural development and food security in Africa"

[February 7 2017] 63rd KUASS "Does the study of individuals and their lives make a fruitful contribution to other fields of interest in African Studies?"

[February 3 2017] 62nd KUASS "Theorising Voice: Performativity, Politics and Listening"

[January 27 2017] 61st KUASS "The State of African Studies in Europe", "Forging New Alliances: Reflections on Religion and Politics in Post-Apartheid South Africa"

[January 26 2017] 60th KUASS "Situational Livelihoods: Being a Hunter-Gatherer in North-Central Namibia"

[December 1 2016] 59th KUASS "The Apex of African Neo-colonialism: Zimbabwe’s War Veterans Vanguard against Mugabe’s Dynastic Rule Establishment"

[November 11 2016] 58th KUASS "Coffee in Ethiopia: Origins and local uses of a globalized drink"

[November 8 2016] 57th KUASS "Social Relations and Orange Production: The Case of Smallholders Farmers in MKUZI Village, TANZANIA"

[November 7 2016] 56th KUASS "Reconciliation after Genocide: the state of affairs between Namibia and Germany"

[October 28 2016] 55th KUASS "Majority versus minority languages: A case of air slots allocation of South African Bantu Languages on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) channels"

[October 2016] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 37 No. 3

[October 2] International workshop "Health and Education in Africa"

[July 2016] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 37 No. 2

[July 15 2016] 54th KUASS "African (Food-chain) from Ideas to Consumption: Addressing weaknesses of reductionism in knowledge systems studies"

[July 1 2016] 53rd KUASS "Land, agro-pastoralism and Ethiopian development: a case study on competing perceptions of ‘resources’ and livelihoods in Southwest Ethiopia"

[June 28 2016] 52nd KUASS "Mbororo perspectives on indigenous identity and Mbororo-Pygmie relations"

[June 23 2016] 51st KUASS "Suri sexual culture (Southwest Ethiopia): the case of ‘menstrual synchrony’. An anthropological approach"

[Mar 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue No. 52

[Sep 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 37 No. 1

[Mar 18 2016] 50th KUASS "Overcoming divides: African Studies and the Global South Studies Center at the University of Cologne"

[Mar 11 2016] 49th KUASS "Language in identity formation in Africa"

[Mar 4 2016] 48th KUASS "Bird Conservation and People 's Livelihood in Madagascar"

[Feb 24 2016] 47th KUASS "Monitoring forest cover change to assist conservation efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo"

[Feb 10 2016] 46th KUASS "The invention of modern water in well watered places and their Pastoral Landscape (Marsabit County, Kenya)"

[Jan 23-24 2016] African Potentials 2016 "International Symposium on Conflict Resolution and Coexistence"

[Sep 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 36 No. 4

[Dec 15 2015] 45th KUASS "Africa & the Global South Post-2015"

[Nov 26 2015] 44th KUASS "The Graves of Wrath: A Malagasy Sacred Kingship in the Age of Globalization"

[Nov 17 2015] 43rd KUASS "The archaeology of the Upemba Depression in D. R. Congo"

[Nov 16 2015] 42nd KUASS "Gender and Poverty Dynamics in Uganda: Exploring Women’s Rights to Land and Property at Household Level"

[Oct 9 2015] 41st KUASS Writing for speaking: The development of N|uu educational materials

[Sep 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 36 No. 3

[Aug 18 2015] 40th KUASS "FOSAS project contribution in testing, dissemination and adoption of agricultural innovations lessons and perspectives"and "Towards the building of a wildlife management model in the northern periphery of Boumba-Bek National Park, South-eastern Cameroon: What is still missing"

[June 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 36 No. 2

[June 15 2015] 39th KUASS Amos Tutuola and the Elusiveness of Completeness

[Apr 30 2015] Publication: “A Runyoro Vocabulary” of Prof. Kaji, S. was published.

[Apr 2 2015] 37th KUASS Slavery, Islam and the Making of Race and Sex in South Africa

[Mar 30 2015] 38th KUASS Devolution in Kenya: Implications for security

[Mar 25 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol. 36 No. 1

[Mar 25 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue No. 51

[Mar 13 2015] 36th KUASS Remnant classes in Oti-Volta (Gur) with a focus on noun class degradation and renovation

[Mar 10 2015] Plenary Session Speech of Prof. Kaji (Director of CAAS) at Kyoto University International Symposium, "African Studies of Kyoto University: History and Beyond"

[Mar 1 2015] 35th KUASS Land and Agrarian Reform in Zimbabwe: Social and Structural Implications

[Feb 3 2015] FOSAS workshop at YOunde, Cameroon. Feb 25-26, 2015 @Toungu Hotel

[Jan 30 2015] International Workshop‘Construction of a Global Platform for the Study of Sustainable Humanosphere’

[Jan 23 2015] New Release of African Study Monographs Vol.35 No.3&4

[Sep 17 2014] New Release of African Study Monographs Supplementary Issue No. 50

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