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African Study Monographs

 The Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) publishes African Study Monographs, periodical journal with occasional supplements.

 Some of full-text contents of ASM which have gained approval from the author(s) are posted in the form of PDF file.

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African Study Monographs, Supplementary Issue Vol. 57

Land, Agriculture and Unfinished Decolonization in Africa: Essays in Honour of Sam Moyo: Editors' Preface

DOI: 10.14989/233005

Perspectives on "African Potentials"

DOI: 10.14989/233006

Trails of Incomplete Decolonisation in Africa: The Land Question and Economic Structural Transformation

DOI: 10.14989/233007

Corporate Power, the State, and the Postcapitalist Future

DOI: 10.14989/233008

Agricultural Land-delivery Systems in Zimbabwe: A Review of Four Decades of Sam Moyo's Work on Agricultural Land Markets and Their Constraints

DOI: 10.14989/233009

Reverse Thinking and "African Potentials" to Combat Desertification in the West African Sahel: Applying Local Greening Techniques Born from Drought and Famine in the 1970s

DOI: 10.14989/233010

Reactions of Peasants to Global Capital in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Tobacco Contract Farming in Mashonaland East Province

DOI: 10.14989/233011

Opportunities and Constraints for Black Farming in a Former South African Homeland: A Case Study of the Mooi River Irrigation Scheme, Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

DOI: 10.14989/233012

Policy-oriented Rural Development in China and Its Potential Influence on Rural Development in Africa

DOI: 10.14989/233013


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